Pork and Rabbit

Milk-fed pork: Providing our family and community with farm-fresh milk from our small herd of Jersey cows yields an abundance of skim milk and whey from our butter and cheese making. This abundance led us to realize that it would make a lot of sense to raise some pigs who would love to eat up the excess from our small dairy. Our delicious pork comes from happy pigs who eat mainly local non-GMO feed and skim milk and whey. They also help us in our garden by being our first tillers each spring, supplementing their diet with cover crop grasses and roots (and some dandelions and buttercups, too!).

Pastured Rabbit: Our oldest son is taking on much of the work of our family's meat rabbits, and he is selling pastured rabbits, harvested and frozen whole. We have found rabbit meat to be a very nice addition to our family meals, taking the place of chicken especially well in soups and stews and casseroles. It is a very lean meat that benefits from a low and slow cooking, although we have also made some tasty pan-fried and grilled rabbit.