Pork and Beef

Milk-fed pork: Providing our family and community with farm-fresh milk from our small herd of Jersey cows yields an abundance of skim milk and whey from our butter and cheese making. This abundance led us to realize that it would make a lot of sense to raise some pigs who would love to eat up the excess from our small dairy. Our delicious pork comes from happy pigs who eat mainly local non-GMO feed and skim milk and whey. They also help us in our garden by being our first tillers each spring, supplementing their diet with cover crop grasses and roots (and some dandelions and buttercups, too!).

Grass Fed Beef:We sell our grass-fed beef by the whole, half and quarter. Our current price is $3.95 per pound, hanging weight. Butchering is an additional amount and is paid directly to the butcher (Scheffelmaier Meats).

We are happy to reserve meat for our customers, so please contact us to place your order and make your deposit. Butchering information will be collected from you once your animal has been slaughtered and is hanging for aging. Final payment for your meat is due by pick-up.

Typical hanging weight for our grass-fed cattle is about 600 pounds. We frequently receive questions about the freezer space needed for our meat. Typically the cut and wrapped meat from a half beef carcass takes up about 8-10 cubic feet of freezer space (depending upon whether you take soup bones, for example).