Labrador Retrievers

Puppy Purchase Agreement

Our family breeds and raises AKC Labrador Retrievers on our 50-acre working family farm. These fun-loving active dogs enjoy running through our pastures, exploring our forest, and swimming in our ponds and creek.

Our dogs lead mentally and physically healthy lives on our farm and we feed a natural diet that is raw-based and grain-free. Many modern canine diseases can be avoided by feeding a diet similar to that of wild dog relatives, such as wolves. Your new puppy will be prepared for a long healthy life with you as it transitions from mother's milk to sharing in the raw meaty bones and grain-free kibble that our adult dogs eat.

Our three boys are an integral part of our breeding program as they accompany our adult dogs in their daily play and exercise outdoors, and spend time each day with our puppies. We provide Early Neurological Stimulation during the first 2 weeks of life, and we continue with age-appropriate activities that challenge and stimulate, to ensure an intelligent, healthy and well-socialized dog.

Studies have shown the many ways that dogs improve the health of their owners and are especially beneficial to children. Emotionally and physically children are better off with a pet in the home. We are confident that a healthy and friendly puppy from our farm will be a companion for your and your family that will improve your quality of life and provide you with many years of fun together.

The Labrador Retriever was originally bred as a hunting companion. But, as the Labrador Retriever Club states, these dogs "excel in a variety of uses beyond the hunting field" and "are wonderful family companions." As we experience each day with our dogs, they are "friendly and outgoing, strongly human-oriented and tractable." We are happy to be able to share these great family dogs with you.